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ZX42 was the first line of products to grace the pages of HairFuelOnline. Debuting in 2011, ZX42 has become a huge force in the battle against hair loss. Many customer have switched from their regular regiments of Rogaine and other products. Now they are reaping the benefits of faster and lasting results.


Zeramin3 is an explosive newcomer to hair loss industry. They have developed the first ever two formula hair growth system. They are definitely on to something which is why we have decided to include them in our exclusive product catalog here on HairFuelOnline.

Nature's Secret

Scalp preparation and care is essential to achieving the maximum results with whatever hair growth topical you are using. Nature's Secret DHT Blocking Shampoo will keep your scalp squeaky clean so it can soak up as much of your topical as possible. And the conditioner will keep your sprouting hairs growing and healthy.

Other Products

At HairFuelOnline, we provide the essential products you will need to grow your hair back and never go bald again. However the human body is a complex piece of biological machinery. Living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining a good balance of vitamins and minerals is critical to successful hair growth. Therefore we have a section with exteral links to products that we believe can help keep you in tip top shape while using our featured products.

Tips and Tricks

The best time to apply any hair growth topical is immediately after exiting the shower. The steam naturally opens your pores. Make sure you get the topical directly on your scalp as best as you can. Spread evenly, but you don't have to rub it in. It will absorb on its own. You can use a towel after applying to wipe off any excess that has gotten into your existing hair.


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