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  I have been on zx42 for almost 2 months now ..I will keep everyone posted on where Im at in another 2 months...I don't want to jinx it but I believe my hair is getting better! 


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 After years of using Rogaine with minimal results, i am very pleased with what I am seeing with Zeramin3 after just 3 months. 



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 I noticed new hairs popping thru back of scalp where much of my hair has been gone for decades. I believe the ZX42 is making a difference.... 



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 My hair wasn't really that bad to begin with. I just had some balding on my crown and decided to give Zeramin3 a try. I can definitely see that it is filling in. 



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 Hey man zx42 is the BEST!!! Im starting to notice my head is getting darker... 



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 Being a woman I always try to take care of myself so I can keep looking my best. So as you can imagine when my hair started thinning out of nowhere, it was emotionally crushing. Zeramin3 has not only helped me regain volume, but it has restored my confidence as well. 



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 alan has been more than helpful with info for zx 42 and ive ordered a 6 month supply im looking forward to start using it will keep you updated on the progress thanks again alan 


Belfast Ireland

"Excellent product!"

 I was asked by one of my friends who hadn't seen me in a long time if I got a transplant. I sain no. At the same time, I didn't admit that I was using Zeramin3! LOL! But I would HIGHLY recommend this product. BELIEVE ME - I have tried many products that turned out to be snake oil. 



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  I called their number and got a answer right away and had a good conversation with the inventor...He said I was more than welcome to come down to his place and see the results in person....I'm feeling positive about his products and mission . 


 I was about to give up after trying so many other products. But I decided to give this last one a try. I am glad I did! Shipping was a bit expensive to the UK, but well worth it! 



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 i tried everything lotions pills rogaine propecia avacore even procerin and nothing gave me results until i got zx 42 this product is amazing my hair stopped falling out in about 3 weeks and i started to grow hair in the second month the shampoo and zx 42 and the laser comb is incredible thanks mr tomlinson zx 42 is going to give me my youth back thanks again!!! ill never use anything else and thats a fact 



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 At 62 years of age, I am again able to grow the hair. Amazing for me to be able to do this. 

Jose Vasquez

Mexico City

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 well i got this zx42 oh... about? maybe 115 days ago and well it has improved my over all hair line which in it self has made me feel better about not only my buying this product but my hair so thanks to zx42 



"Fixed my hair transplant blues"

 I had a hair transplant that looked awesome. I was using another minoxidil based product after my hair transplant, but slowly started noticing the hair falling out. Not only newly transplanted hair, but more hair from my original receding hair line was disappearing. I tried this product and I am happy to see the positive results. 


New York

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 Hey Alan, I have now been using ZX42 four and a half months. I am so pleased to say the results are amazing. I will have pictures before and after in the next month. The results are so amazing, zx42 took away my bald spots and filled them in with hair now it looks like I was never had any bald spots. Thanks again for your great solution to my hair loss problems 

Theresa Broadway

Hackensack, NJ

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 I love this stuff! If you are skeptical, just buy 3 months worth and try it! It's worth it! 



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 Hey Alan, just wanted let you know how happy I am with ZX42. I'm starting to see some great results. I should be supplying some pictures next month in February. Thanks again 

"You rock!"

 Thank You THANK YOU! I am a female and my hair is much fuller than it ever was! Did I say thank you already? 




 found this on youtube. i never write review, but my friend were making fun of me telling me I was wasting my money. boy were they wrong! 




 Its a little more expensive than Rogaine, but works way better. Will you ever offer a year supply to make it cheaper in bulk? Thanks!